Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dr. Jessica Laccetti

Dr. Jessica Laccetti is currently leading a new master’s course on new media narratives that she has designed for the University of Alberta as well as advising on a new citation in social media. Besides lecturing, Dr. Laccetti also consults for government, NPOs and SMEs usually with a focus on social media in relation to education/learning or agriculture. Her current projects draw from interests such as transliteracy, new media, digital humanities, education, and agriculture . 

Dr. Laccetti has lectured at universities in the U.K. and Canada and has published papers in her areas of interest.  Dr. Laccetti's transdisciplinary Ph.D in Creative Technologies is from De Montfort University, her M.A. is from Royal Holloway, University of London and her joint honours B.A. is from the University of Waterloo.

You can connect with Dr. Laccetti on LinkedIn  and Twitter.

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