Project Publications

H.A.C.K. Jayathilake, U.K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige, L.D.R.D. Perera, G.A. Gow, N. Waidyanatha (2016), Fostering Technology Stewardship Approach to Promote Knowledge Sharing among Farming Communities in Sri Lanka. 28th PGIA Annual Congress, Abstract of Papers and Invited Presentations, Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Jayathilake, H. A. C. K., U. K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige, L. D. R. D. Perera, G. A. Gow and N. Waidyanatha, “Use of Mobile Phone for Agricultural Knowledge Mobilization: Exploring the Case of Subsistence Farmers in the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka”, International Multidisciplinary Research Conference, International Centre for Research & Development (ICRD) and Unique Conferences Canada (UCC), Held at: Hotel Renuka, Colombo, 02 – 03 February 2016.

Jayathilake, H. A. C. K., U. K. Jayasinghe-Mudalige, L. D. R. D. Perera, G. A. Gow, N. Waidyanatha, L. M. J. K. Lindara and T. Barlett, “Potential of Mobile Communication for Agricultural Knowledge Sharing: Exploring the Case of Ginger Farmers in the Kurunegala District”, International Symposium on Agriculture and Environment (ISAE 2016), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuna, Kamburupitiya, 14th January 2016.

Gow, G. N. Waidyanatha, C. Jayathilake, H. Hambly Odame, T. Barlott (2015). Supporting Effective Use Through a Technology Stewardship Model: Preliminary Findings from a Sri Lanka/Canada Partnership Development Project. Presented at the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide 2015 International Conference, 21-22 October 2015, Scottsdale (Phoenix), Arizona, USA.

Jayathilake HACK, Jayasinghe-Mudalige UK, Gow GA, Waidyanatha N and Perera LDRD (2015). ‘Use of Low Cost Information Communication Technologies for Knowledge Mobilization in Agricultural Communities in Sri Lanka’. 8th International Research Conference, General Sir John Kothalawala Defence University, Rathmalana, Sri Lanka. 27-28 Aug 2015.

N. Waidyanatha, G. Gow, C. Jayathilake, and T. Barlott (2015). 'Technology Stewarding Method for Knowledge Mobilization in Agriculture Communities of Practice,' Communications Policy Research South (CPRsouth 2015), Innovation Center for Big Data and Digital Convergence, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan, 26 – 28 August 2015.

Gow, G. N. Waidyanatha (2015, submitted). ‘Answers in the Air: A short film about a Canada-Sri Lanka partnership development project using participatory research to promote inclusive innovation with low cost ICTs in agricultural communities,’ Participatory Communication Research Section for IAMCR 2015 - Montreal (July 4-6).

Gow, G. N. Waidyanatha, C. Jayathilake, H. Hambly Odame, T. Barlott, M. Anwar, C. Skinner, M. Beckie, N. Krogman and S. Hudson (2015, submitted). “Fostering Inclusive Innovation for Agriculture Knowledge Mobilization in Sri Lanka: A Community-University Partnership Development Project” Accepted as a Work-in-Progress paper at the 7th International Conference on Communities and Technologies. June 27-30. University of Limerick.

Waidyanatha, N., G. Gow, T. Barlott, C. Jayathilake. (2015). “Technology Stewardship, Text Messaging, and Collaboration in Agricultural Work: Preliminary Results from an Action Research Study in Sri Lanka,” Computer Supported Collaborative Work Conference. CSCW '15 Companion, Mar 14-18 2015, Vancouver, BC, Canada ACM 978-1-4503-2946-0/15/03.

Hambly Odame, H., M. Anwar, C. Skinner, G. Gow, N. Waidyanatha, M. Beckie, N. Krogman, C. Jayathilake, S. Mendis (2014). Power and Change in Rural Radio: Comparative Analysis from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. IAMCR Annual Conference, 15-19 July, Hyderabad, India, Session 10, “Media and Rural Spaces: Engaging Local Communities”.

Gow, G., N. Waidyanatha, H. Hambly Odame, M. Beckie, N. Krogman, C. Jayathilake (2013, Sept. 10). Proceedings from 2013 workshop on using low cost ICT for knowledge mobilization. Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. Available:

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